Friday, December 31, 2010

What I Like About You

Yesterday, December 30, 2010, was Jared and my 5th wedding anniversary! Congratulations to us! So in honor of this event I think it necessary to list some of the reasons why I am still crazy in love with this guy!

10. He is an old man in a younger mans body!
-He chooses to drive significantly slower than suggested by law because we get optimum gas mileage.
-He knows all the lyrics to all the songs that were ever written WAY WAY before our time!

9. He keeps me motivated to work out!
-When one is married to a perfect body, you try your hardest to do the same for them!

8. He can come up with song parities to any song that comes on the radio right off the top of his head.
-Normally these are inappropriate, but they make me laugh so stinking hard!!

7. Only this man can wear just his white t-shirt, basketball shorts, tall wool socks, and a pair of running shoes and still look sexy!
-OK, Sexy might not be the right word for this look, but in a really twisted way I am strangely attracted to the 80 year old man look that he sports!

6. His smile was one of the first things that drew me to him, and it is still the most heart melting part about him.

5. He is a wonderful father!

4. Even when I am a "Bear" (for lack of a better word) he still loves me.
-When things get really tough, he is always level headed and patient with me. That way when I come down from my emotional high, we can make up and move on with life. This has really only happened once... OK.... maybe twice:)

3. He makes me laugh!
-I always wanted to laugh through life! Jared has always been able to do that for me! I really think that will never change either.

2. He takes our religious beliefs seriously.
-He is the kind of person that I want to be! When you meet him you know what he stands for and exactly what he believes in. What you see is what you get!

1. The very first time I met Jared I told my dad... "Jared is the kind of guy that you want to date because he is the kind of guy you want to marry. But you know you will never get to date him because he is too good for you."
-This sounds sad, but it's true. I manipulated him to the best of my ability to believe that I was good enough for him! It worked too! He makes me want to be a better wife, mother, and person in general. Everything about Jared makes me so grateful that I was blessed enough to have him in my life.
-When I knelt across the alter and married him for time and all eternity, that is exactly what I meant! We said "yes" and I have never looked back and regretted it! I hope he can say the same! (I think he can though, I have tricked him into thinking I'm pretty cool too!)

As a side note, Christmas was so fun! Ryan got everything she asked for and more! All she ever said she wanted was: a Snowman, a pumpkin, and a dollhouse! Well, Santa came and left not only that but much more!

Not only was Ryan a good girl this year, but so was McCallum! He didn't need much, but Santa sure did go out of his way to get him everything a 3 month old could every wish for!!

Jared and I were also spoiled as usual! The best gift this year by far was a Jar that Jared made for me. It's just a glass Jar that says "Ring" on it! In the Jar was $5.20. This jar is going to be a saving tool to get my wedding ring repaired. Don't ask me how I did it, but I managed to breat the crap out of my setting. Lucky for me I didn't lose the diamond. Until then Jared has replaced my wedding ring with the wonderful second ring! But I still can't wait to get my diamond back!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday's are here!

So if you didn't know this already... the holidays are here again! I took the liberty of getting together a family photo shoot. I also took Bree and Alex's family picture. This way I can put together a Christmas card. I do however need to gather some information! I need addresses so send them to me at and make my life a little easier will ya!!
Enjoy looking at the cutest kids I have ever had the opportunity to raise!! (also Bree and Alex and their Killer dog M.J.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Julie Young

So I just need to publicly thank my mom's friend Julie Young for the wonderful gifts she gave my kids! I don't know much about Julie, but I know that she probably reads my blog more than any other person in the world. She is probably the only reason that my own mother ever knows that there is a new post--which is not to say that my mom doesn't check the blog, but that Julie does more.

Thanks for the adorable blanket for McCallum. Ryan loves the sticker/coloring book! I am finding princess stickers all over the place! She is in Heaven!!

You're the best Julie!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well today is a good day to do two things... pig out, and give thanks. I plan on doing both. This year however, I can feel good about the pigging out part! I did the hardest workout this morning. I will take a moment to brag about it.

Complete in order for time:
300 Double Unders
200 Push ups (only did half on my toes)
200 sit ups
200 body squats
300 Double Unders

Time: 55:19 And thought I was going to die! Seriously, anyone who wants to get into shape needs to come to crossfit. It's a darker side of fitness, but it's also good. A horrible side of Good!

As for giving thanks, I have so much to be grateful for. For starters, I have a wonderful husband. I never have regretted my decision to rope him into marriage! I love him more than when I dated him, more than when we were married. And if you can believe it, I love him more now that we have two kids and less time for each other! I am grateful that he is willing to work hard to provide for our needs!! We went without work for several months after finishing school, and we are just so blessed to be where we are now... working!

I can't forget my kids. I am so lucky to have them. Not only were we blessed with children when we can't have any ourselves; but we were blessed with the two best kids in the world! Ryan is such a sweet little helper! She is so much fun. Although she can be a little difficult when you try to get her to eat anything that is not filled with sugar. Other than that she is mostly perfect. She sleeps well, she plays nice with her brother, she is ultra caring, and she has the ability to brighten any day! I just love this little girl too much for words! Did I mention she happens to be mega beautiful too. That's just the icing on the cake though. Look out boys, this one is going to be breaking hearts. Not to mention her dad will not let her go anywhere without a fight!

McCallum... where do I even begin with this little boy! He is the most chill and happy little baby! He is not even three months old yet and I can tell he is just going to exceed all of my hopes and dreams! He is sleeping through the night, eating like his dad, and smiling every time you even make eye contact. The giggling is just starting as well! He is so sweet! I swear this kid is going to be the end of me! He is going to be so cute that the girls will line up to watch him bat his eyes! I'm going to have to kill anyone who tries to date this boy some day far far far from now!!

I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel like the richest person in the world. If you saw my bank account you would just laugh at me for saying that. However, I have everything that I could possibly want. We have our health, happiness, and two little ones that keep us on our toes! So much to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2 months

McCallum turned two months on the 4th. He is so much fun! This little boy is a pretty easy baby. He smiles a lot, he eats well, and he seems to be pretty regular--if you know what I mean! He is such a chill boy, he never fusses unless something is wrong. Mac loves his sister, Ryan. He always watches her and smiles at her. (Good thing she likes him just as much.) Also, McCallum is rolling over. He first rolled over at five weeks old. I thought it was just a fluke, but he continues to do it from time to time. He's so strong!

At his two month appointment Mac was 11.7 lbs. That's enough to land him in the 50%. He was also 22.7" long (50%) and his head was 15.4 cm (25%)

So I am thinking that I am going to take the kids in to have some pictures done up. I am not that happy with my efforts. I'll keep trying to get better but till then I might have to dish out the dough to get some photos

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Horrors

Halloween sure was fun this year. Although, Ryan didn't seem to understand the greed behind Trick-or-Treating. We went to one house and she was thrilled with the amount of candy she received and didn't understand why we wanted to go to any other houses. However, I must say that we made a killing. The trick is to just go to the houses that are excited to see your kids. That was you only have to go to those houses in order to fill your bag!!
The pictures are not the best to see our costumes, but I forgot my camera. I guess I got distracted by grandma's funeral that we had that day. As you can see, Ryan is a Dragon. I am the devil--the devil is a beautiful woman in a red dress. Yes I did have a pitch fork and tail, just not in any pictures; and Riley lost my horns. McCallum was an owl although his hat is off in the picture. Jared, well, he had to us a last second costume and went as a duck hunter... BORING!! All in all, it was a blast this year!
Dax, Riley, and Logann were up too. Dax was a Dragon--Nat actually made the costume! Riley was a princess... of course. And Logan was a skeleton.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Loving Memory

Mary McKnight Zollinger, 89, past away October 25, 2010.

What can I say about this wonderful woman... Words are just not enough to express my gratitude and love for my Grandma! I have so many wonderful memories! She always was excited to hear from me! She constantly pushed me to excel in my music. When she would ask me if I were practicing my flute she was always pushing me to do better! She had a real gift for making all sorts of thing with a needle and yarn. I have one of the most beautiful quilts, baby booties, and a number of hats that I wore throughout my childhood! (most include a huge tassel)

I have to say that, of all my grand parents, I was closest to her. I was privileged to play a flute solo with my sister Natalie at the piano for her funeral. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I was so blessed to be able to give that back to my grandma who pushed me to excel.
We were so lucky to be able to get McCallum up there to visit Grandma before she died. He was the last Great Grand baby born before she passed. Althogh, there is another coming in the next few weeks. Grandma didn't want me to take him home with me. She enjoyed holding him so much--like the picture above shows!

I love you grandma!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heaven Sent

Days like these I remember why I am the luckiest person in the world!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Witch Hunts and Pony Rides

Nana took Ryan, McCallum, and I to Gardner Village the other day. We had so much fun! Ryan was so excited that Nana was going to help her ride a pony. She enjoyed looking at all the scary witches, but she just couldn't wait to get on a pony. Once we rode the pony, we thought she might as well enjoy the petting zoo as well. I had thought that she might be a little timid, but I was wrong. Ryan just walked right in and started petting every animal in sight! She loved it so much! I even got her to climb up on a shelf and sit right next to a goat! I was so impressed! We had a blast! Nana sure knows how to spoil us all! Thanks Lynn!

This little guy was one of the first of many animals that Ryan became friends with! She was so excited about being this close to the animals!!

I think that this little sheep had to be Ryan's favorite. It was the softest, sweetest thing in there! The poor lamb got so much attention from all the kids that we later saw it hiding under one of the bunny cages just trying to get away from all the kids.

This is when I got Ry to climb up under the bunny cages and sit next to the goat. You can't see in this picture, but there is another goat on her other side too. She didn't even hesitate climbing between them in the tight spot!

Ryan is such a little ham! She poses for all the pictures with her "Cute pretty face." She is so much fun! I hope she never changes!!
Ryan loved this little pony! Her name is Daisy. Ryan would have rode all day long if they would have let her!! Although, she would have liked to try all the pony's out, not just Daisy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Say Cheese"

McCallum is now six weeks, and just changing more and more every day! It's really fun now because when you smile at him, he will return the gesture. He has the sweetest little grin! I think that he is a really happy little boy for the most part, so I am looking forward to seeing a lot of these little grins!! We like to laugh a lot at our house, so he better get used to the smile!!

We also went out to see if we could capture a simple family photo. Needless to say, it was not a good time to do it! We had planned on going out to the salt flats, but that didn't happen! Then as soon as we got to this site Ryan had to use the bathroom. So Jared helped her do that, but then she needed to go again, and again, and finally she needed to go #2. Well, you can't do that outside so we had to go. We were only there for about 10 minuets it seemed. Regardless, we were able to get at least three or four decent pictures with the tripod!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Play dates and Funny momenets!

Before I document a really funny experience, I would like to announce that I am looking for play dates. I am back in the area and trying to find a few new friends to play with us! We promise to be nice! If you are interested in getting together with your kids, or just with me... please e-mail me at

Now that I got that over with... you have got to hear what Ryan said to me the other day regarding Mac's different looking bum!

So I am changing Mac's diaper, and I know that Ryan has noticed that it is not quite what she has always known, but she hadn't said anything about it so I didn't either. As I go to clean off his little bum Ryan steps in and says:

"Mom, don't wipe 'that!'"

Me: "Why? I need to get McCallum's bum clean so he wont cry any more."

Ryan: "Cuz it's yucky!"

Me: "What's yucky?"

Ryan: "That!"

Me: "Well Ryan, that's just the way little boys are. Boys have different bums than little girls."

Ryan: "Well, My not have one like this. My the girl. Mommy the girl too."

Me: "Yep."

Ryan: "Just Mac?"

Me: "All boys look like this."

Ryan: "Daddy?"

Me: "Yep"

Ryan: "Papa?"

Me: "Yep."

Ryan: "Gross."

And that was the end. She just walked away feeling a little sad that she had to hear that both her papa and her dad had yucky bums like McCallum! I thought I was going to die laughing! I have got to grow up fast!! I just hope she always stays so sweet and innocent!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

One Month

Can you believe that a month has already gone? It feels like yesterday were were anticipating McCallum's arrival! Time really does fly!

McCallum is doing so well. He is still eating really well, and sleeping too. Although he is not sleeping through the night he is giving us about 4 hours between feedings! Hopefully he will be on his way to pulling all nighters!!

Even though McCallum is still a baby, he is really changing a lot! He is putting on a lot of weight and getting longer and longer. He is on the verge of out growing his Newborn clothes! As for diapers, he is no longer looking so tiny in a size 1-2--they fit perfect!!

Ryan is doing awesome too! She is loving being Mac's big sister! When he cries she is the first to respond! She loves to provide a binki or a bottle! Although her attention span is short, she loves to feed and hold him! She's such a big girl!! She even tells me that all the time!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little ones grow like weeds

So McCallum is growing so stinking fast. His little face is jut filling out so well! I guess that's because he eats like a champ and sleeps the same! He's not even 3 weeks old and he downs 4 oz at a time.

As for Ryan, she is such a great big sister! She has really helped out a lot around the house. She loves to get the binki, bottles, and diapers to help. Every time we do pictures she wants her turn to look cute! She's really good at that!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


As a side note... I know that many of you thing that you would pronounce McCallum just like McCall; however, it is not that way. It is actually Ma-Cal-um. It's a Scottish family name.
So I couldn't send an announcement out to everyone so I thought I would post the one I sent for all y'all that didn't get one! Don't worry, most all of y'all didn't get one! Just family mostly! Enjoy this little bundle!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

In a Nutshell

So I know that many of you didn't even know that we have been anticipating McCallum... so this is the story in a nutshell.
About two months ago Jared's mom and dad sat us down and told us that there was a birth mother looking to place a baby and that she had already decided that she really liked us as the adoptive family. Due to the fact that we were not working with any agency at the time, we were a little perplexed. Then they went on to tell us that the Eileen Morris, a close family friend, had mentioned that her niece was looking for a family and wanted to look into the agency that Lynn (Jared's mom) works with. Being a wonderful mother, Lynn suggested that Eileen show Her Niece, Nithra, our family and see what she thought about a private adoption. So that is just what happened. Without Jared or my knowledge they got onto our blog and cut a number of pictures and words that I had written. I guess Nithra felt really good about us, because we got to meet her the next day after hearing about her. We met with Nithra and her mother and talked for about two hours and then just waited to hear if they liked us. I assume that they did because she picked us to be the family that would raise her little guy! A few weeks later we had dinner with her again so that we could meet her dad as well. (Let me just say, this family is so neat! We just fell in love with them from the get go!!)
Time passed and we finally got around to having the baby born... It went by so fast! The family invited us up to hold McCallum the night he was born. He was just the most perfect little baby boy we have ever seen! We got to spend time with Nithra and her parents as well as meet one of her little brothers. I can't even tell you how comforting it was to meet these people and just love them instantly. They were fantastic to us! I can't imagine it was easy for them to share their time with us, but I am grateful that they did!

The next day we came to the hospital to take McCallum home. It's so hard to put into words the confusing emotions that go on! We were so excited to bring him home, but so heart broken to see this wonderful family hurt so much. We came with Ryan and our attorney Mike and spent some time filling out paperwork and enjoying each others company. Ryan took to Scott and Lu so quick. She was dancing and singing for them. She even felt comfortable enough to go on walks with them and try to scare them by growling at them! (That's the real test. If Ryan will scare you, you know she likes you!)

Finally, after waiting for an eternity for us to be discharged, we all walked out to our cars together. We exchanged hugs and some words and drove away! I wish that words were able to describe the emotion and love, but they just can't! I hope Nithra and her entire family knows how much we love them! They are all a part of our family now! We are so grateful to them for providing us a way to grow and expand our family in a way that we couldn't do on our own.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

McCallum William Park

So just as I had decided that I was ok with waiting for this little guy to come on the 11th I get a call that Nithra was admitted into the hospital! She went in around 5ish on September 3rd and ended up delivering this little one at 5:13am on September 4th! He is such a good little baby! He is so chill, and is just such a good sleeper, eater, and looker!! He is perfect!!

6 Pounds 5 Ounces and 19.5 inches

So, we just got this little doll home today; and, as you can imagine things are crazy here at the house. So I will get some pictures and a our story up later. Stay posted!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still nothin'

So... it's been a while now...and there is still nothing happening as far as the labor process g0es. I am sure that Nithra is tired of being pregnant, and it's killing me to wait!! The doctors stripped her membranes on Tuesday and there has been no signs of labor. I guess we will just have to wait more and see. If she does not go into labor by this next Tuesday, Sept 7, they will strip them one more time. If she still does not go into labor after that, they have set an induction for September 11! What a day to be born huh!! The attack on the United States, as well as the day that Jared went into the MTC! I wish it would be the 10th or even the 12th, but I don't get to decide these things! Oh man... I really need to work on being PATIENT!!

Also, now that we have had time to think more about names, we are liking McCallum William. But be honest. Is that too much? They both end in um. It's Jared's middle name, but I am not really a fan of naming my children based on tradition. I think McCallum Clyde sounds pretty cool. How many Clyde's do you know that get beat up at school? Naming boys is so hard!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So I am sitting at home just going stir crazy. Jared is at the gym and Ryan is watching a movie while eating her breakfast. However, my mind is spinning. I normally would not announce anything until it was a for sure thing, but I am thinking it might calm my nerves a little if I write about it.

So what's the news... We are waiting for a baby boy to be born! He should come any day now... but he is taking his sweet time! I know that our birth mom probably could use a break from being pregnant! And I know I could use a break from anxiously awaiting him so... just come already!

So while we wait why not let the public weigh in on our name selection. Keep in mind that the middle name we leave open to the birth mother unless she doesn't have any names. however we are going back and forth between...

Ryder McCallum AND Fisher William

I think that I would also go for McCallum Hinkley. And we have thought about Hinkley McCallum as well.

Leave some other names for me to chew on the next few days while I wait as patiently as I can. At least weigh in on you thought about the names too!

"We are excited for you to come to our home little boy! Just come healthy and happy! LOVE YA!"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Great state of WY

So my little sister and Jared's little brother, Steph and Jordan, have officially left us for pharmacy school in WY. I know this sounds horrible, but I really am glad to see them go. First because this will be a great experience for them. Second, one day Steph will be able to get me my drugs at cost--provided she passes and becomes a pharmacist. Finally, now that they are gone we have been able to move into the basement apartment that they once occupied. Good riddance! Just kidding, Steph is my chum and best friend and I will miss her. Jordan is going to be missed as well. Those to are going to do great out there though! Good luck with everything you guys!!

Here is a picture of Steph and Jordan right after her white coat ceremony. What a good looking coat! It makes her look so smart and so able to distribute drugs!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2.5 and Cute as a bug

So I took my little sister Andrea out for new year pictures and decided to try and get some of Ryan while out. You know, kill two birds with one stone. This little girl is so cute and fun the camera can't even capture it!! Here is a taste of what I get every day all day.

This we coined "lady look"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday and Crazy Race!

So Jared had his 27th birthday... what an old FART! We had a good day though. You always know it's a good day when you see Jared give in and eat two helpings of birthday cake!!

Also, Jared decided to do a huge race on the spur of the moment. A week before the Jupiter Peak Steeple Chase in Park City, Jared decided to give it a try. This is no run in the park. It is a freakin' 16 mile mountain climb. 8 miles to the peak and 8 miles back. However, he did really well. He finished in 3 hours and 9 min. Nice job for no training and never running in any sort of race before!

Monday, July 26, 2010

10 Days of FUN and SUN

We just got back from a long and fun trip to Lake Powell. We all had so much fun with the Park family as well as the Zollinger family! We were really lucky to be able to do both trips--because the weeks over lapped this year.

I didn't think Ryan would do as well as she did in the water. When we swim and tub at home Ryan is very hesitant to do much and she HATES, and I mean HATES, getting water on her face and head. However, she did so well! In fact, I am going to have to take her to the doctor so that they can remove the gills that she grew while there! We totaled the amount of time she had in the water one day and we figured that she was swimming for about SIX hours that day. My guess is that six hours in the water was average for this little fish!!! After that amount of time in the water your feet look like this...
This little girl did so well! She rode the tube forever with her Papa, Grammie, and cousins Dax and Riley. She also rode the molecule with her Dad, and Beau, and cousin Bode! Aside from swimming all day everyday, she also let me take her down the slide. Of course we couldn't land in the water because if she gets water on her face we have to pay for counseling for the rest of her life! ...So we decided to go down the slide and land on the molecule. It was fun but once was enough for her!

While at the lake I also confirmed my suspicion that I married a GHETTO fisherman! Here is Jared in the worst fishing attire ever! He loves to fish, but I guess the fish only bite if you don't look ridiculous! I love this man!!
He even insisted on bringing his float tube and fins! I think sometimes that this guy is the most crazy and polar opposite of myself... I guess that's why we work so well!