Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I got so busy with some home projects that I have neglected to write about Christmas!  Needless to say, Santa found our house, the kids were spoiled, and we had a great holiday!  This year the kids both got little tents.  They were great.  Our kids are really interested in building forts so we figured this would be an easy and fun way to keep doing that while also cutting down on the mess that comes with building forts.  In addition, Mac got some cool blocks with army guys so that he can build forts and shoot the bad guys off the walls.  The funny thing is that he has named the army guys "Armians."  He wont let them go by any other name.  Ryan got the dream lit she had been asking for and a new bed spread.  Among countless other gifts, the kids were really happy with Christmas!  I think that it's probably a good thing that it only comes once a year--we would have to get another shed for storage if not!

Thanks to all our family that made this holiday so much fun!  We love you all!