Friday, December 20, 2013

More for the books

Mac has been really making us laugh as of late.  Just the other night I was reading him a book before bed and he asked me about Jesus.

Mac: Mom, does Jesus have ALL the powers?
Me: Yes.  He even mad you and the earth, and the animals.  He even made the water and the stars, the moon, and the sun.  He has power to do anything.
Mac: So where does he keep all the powers mom?
Me: I don't really know buddy, I just know that Jesus has a lot of power.
Mac: Probably in his pockets.
Me: Probably, that seems like a safe place to keep powers.

I was laughing so hard on the inside.  Here I am thinking that I had a good opportunity to talk to my son about the creation and possibly share my simple testimony of God and Mac is thinking Literally.  Oh that boy!  I think he still got something good out of it all though.  Hey, I think I learned something too... I know where Jesus keeps all that power!

Last night Jared was talking with his parents about the power outage at our house.  The power went out at 8:30 in the morning and didn't come back till almost 11 that night.  As he was talking about the power outage Mac came up to him and was tugging on Jared and hitting his leg to get his attention.  Finally, Jared stopped and gave Mac some attention...

Daddy, does Jesus still have his powers?
Yes Mac, Jesus still has all of his powers.
Okay... and just walked away.

I guess he is really thinking a lot about the nature of God these days.  I love it and hope he keeps asking his questions!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Merry Christmas