Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let it Begin!

Last Friday, October 18, Ryan lost her first tooth!  I couldn't believe it was happening so soon!!  I really don't like loose teeth so it was painful for me to watch her wiggle that tooth around all day.  Finally she got that sucker out... with the help of her dad of course.  Just like she does, the Tooth Fairy came and left a dollar under her pillow!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


We went to Gardner Village for our annual Halloween day with Nana.  It was so much fun.  Lisa also brought the cousins Bodee and Paisley.  It was so much fun!  Ryan and Mac had a blast with the kids, and as always, Nana S. Never disappoints!  This is Ryan in her Halloween costume.  She is the Queen of the Ocean-the dress has shells all over it and the belt is a sand dollar.  All Mac cared about when picking a costume was if he could carry a sword... so Pirate it is!  He is an awesome Pirate too!

After having lunch we did the Pony rides.  Ryan rode Stedson, Bodee rode Riley, Paisley rode Coopoer, and Mac rode Silver.  I'm pretty sure I have seen dogs bigger than that pony!  It was a hoot.  The kids even got to hold a rabbit before we made our way over to get the kids faces painted.

I think the highlight for the kids is the face painting.  Ryan looks forward to it all year round.  She loves the glitter!  Paisley wasn't so sure about the whole thing but she ended up getting her face painted too.  It was Mac that had us all laughing.  He sat and waited for Ryan and Bodee to finish then hoped up on the stool.  He knew just what to do.  Before he choose his colors he closed his eyes, tilted his head up and didn't move.  We could barely get him to open his eyes to pick a color!  It was so funny.

 This is the face Mac made the entire time he was on the stool.  He wouldn't even open his eyes to pick a color to pain on his face.  So funny!