Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Endings

So I need to at least update this blog a little bit! As of last week my little girl is swimming!! No more tears and fights over the water for us... at least I sure hope so!!! My sister and her kids were in town last week so we took the kids swimming at the neighbors house. It was crazy to say the least. Dax (7) was diving and flipping off the diving board. Riley (4) was also flipping off the diving board. She swam most of the time without a life jacket. Then Mac (2 next month) started to jump off the diving board. He had his jacket on, but insisted that no one help him. We were all cheering for him and the other kids. Pretty soon Mac started to go down the slide. first just feet first on his bum, then on his stomach. By the end he was going down head first on his back. It was really funny to watch. Not to soon after all of this Ryan started to feel like she wasn't getting enough praise or something because she put her face in the water. Then she swam with her face in the water... by the end of our swimming she had swam across the width of the pool without a life jacket! All this time she could swim! Stubborn little girl!!!

We also had Ryan starting school yesterday. She is now in her Per-K class. That means next year is Kindergarten!! YIKES!! I'm not sure I like the sound of that!! She has almost all new kids in her class this year, so lots of friends to make!!