Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Horses and 4 wheelers

We had a really fun weekend with our good friends Nate and Lyndsie! They put up with us crashing their family trip to the cabin. We really did have a great time! Ryan got to ride horses. She was so excited to see that there was a white horse... Maximus from Tangled. Although his name was Expensive. I thought we were going to have to let Nate and Lynds keep Ryan forever because she had so much fun with them.

Ryan also spent a lot of her time caring for a baby kitten. They were nursing it to good health and she loved that! She took that stinkin' thing everywhere! She fed it with the bottle, gave it naps, and gave it love. They tried to send it home with us, but that was an easy NO! She was so stinkin' cute. I guess she just loves animals!

Thanks Nate and Lyndsie! We had a blast! So much so that Ryan has been singing songs about you all day long. About how much she loves you and the horses!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lake Powell

We got to go for a few days down to Lake Powell. It was a short trip, but we sure had fun! I was nervous that Ryan would be a little too afraid of the water, however, she did great! She just took to the water like a fish!! She even fell in love with the tube! She got to ride it several times with her Aunt Abbie, and Uncle Justin! It was a blast! I have to thank Abbie, Kevin, and Justin for letting Ryan go everywhere with you all day everyday!! She loved it, and to be honest... so did I. It was a nice break for me too!

As for McCallum, he did great too! He liked to swim, but it was a little cold for him. He really didn't like having to wear a life jacket on the boat either! It was like a little prison. It restricted his movement too much for him! He is just such a little mover, it was hard to be stuck in a jacket!

Jared ended up jumping off a small ledge into what ended up being three feet of water, and twisting his knee and ankle! To his credit, his dad and him were being very cautious, but had bad judgement. Lesson learned... NEVER, NO MATTER WHAT, JUMP INTO WATER THAT YOU ARE NOT POSITIVE WHAT IS BENEATH!!!! We had his leg checked out, and it is just fine! Lucky! The doctor was shocked there was not a break or fracture!