Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A summer hike

How could I forget to blog about this little hike we did to Secret Lake? We had a really fun time. As you can see, Ryan was being so funny! We were able to spend some time with Paul and Steph before they headed back to school in WY too. Along the way we saw three moose! I couldn't believe how close we were to the one! These beasts are so huge!

When we got to the top of the hike we pulled out some lunch and ate right by the lake. As we were eating a little squirrel came out to mooch some food. Mac was standing closest to the little guy holding an entire Pb&j sandwich. Mac just froze, he looked scared. I thought it would be funny, so I said: "be careful Mac, he'll get you. He's going to take your sandwich." Instantly Mac threw his entire sandwich to the squirrel and ran the other way terrified. We all laughed so hard. Mac was so scared that squirrel would get him.

As a little side note, Stephanie and Paul are now engaged! December 22, is the date!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 Years Old

Can you even believe that McCallum is two? It blows my mind that this little guy is so big!! Here are some things about Mac that we don't ever want to forget at this age...

1. Mac has the ability to make whatever he is doing destructive.

2. Mac doesn't walk... he struts!

3. Mac is his mommy's boy!

4. Mac loves to pester his big sister. He knows just how to push her buttons.

5. Mac is good at all sports. He is a natural athlete.

6. Mac has the worlds best head of hair. It's adult hair!! None of that baby stuff.

7. Mac has a major sweet tooth. He will do anything for a snack.

8. Mac loves animals but doesn't like to touch. He'll look but not touch a lot of the time.

9. Mac has an overly skilled at selective listening.

10. Mac is the best little boy in the world. Everything about him makes our family complete.

We love you little boy!