Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall is here again

We love the fall time!  I love how it cools off and you can just enjoy all the changing colors!  We have been doing some fun stuff to keep the kids busy through all the breaks in school.  We were able to go ride the ponies and pick pumpkins with the cousins like we do every year.  We just don't get to see our cousins enough!

I was also able to shoot some pictures of my niece and nephew that recently turned two!  I just love how they turned out so I have to post them for memories!  This was shot in our back yard when all the apples were falling off the trees.  Pennie and Holden remind me so much of Ryan and Riley when they were two!  They are Best Friends who fight when they have seen each other too much!  It's so fun to have cousins close like that though!  I just with Riley lived closer to us so we could see her more... and the others too!