Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lake Powell Scares

Powell was exciting this year... we almost died.  Okay, that might be a little dramatic but here is the story.  We decided to park the boat in complete shade this year... however, in order to get shade all day you have to park under an over hang.  It was really nice to have the shade on the boat!  That all changed on the third night when it started to rain in the middle of the night.  We all got up and hurried to cover ourselves with tarps so that we could stay dry.  Finally we all laid back down to sleep again.  As soon as we all started to settle back down the water hit the boat.  As it turns out, our overhang was a waterfall for flash floods.  We were stuck under a 300 ft waterfall trying to save everything.  When the boys got into the ski boat they were up to their knees in water.  It's a wonder the boat didn't end up at the bottom of the lake.  We were also able to get the house boat off the wall and over to a safe spot.  It's really scary to move like that with no light but we were able to do it.  The poor kids were so freaked out.  I think my nephew thought that he was going to die!  It was quite the trip!  The next day was spent trying to get the mud out of the boats.  It was crazy!  A trip for the books!

On a better note... we really enjoyed this trip!  I was able to teach all the kids to knee board.  Some liked it better than others... Ryan was really upset as soon as we got going and just kept signaling the boat to stop! You can see the worry in her eyes in the picture I posted. However, she was so brave and really got wet this year!  She was jumping in off the deck of the boat and house boat!  Normally she wont even get her face wet!  Nice!

Mac did well on the knee board too.  At first I had to drag with him, but after that he was up on his own board!  What a cool kid!  He loved swimming around and going on boat rides.

All in all, we had a really great trip and are excited to go back with the Park side of the family in just another few days!