Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust

I know there are some who think that these toothless smiles are cute but I am a little squeamish about it all.  However, this little girl lost another one!  This time it's the top front one!  Yuck... and also congrats little girl!  Love you! 

Mac's Graduation

It's probably note worthy to say that Mac finished his first of three years of preschool.  I know that is silly but we decided to put him in early to give him something to work towards.  He has done really well.  I would send him to Kindergarten earlier but his birthday is on the dead line and I think he will do a little better if I hold him till he is older.  This way he will be the oldest in the grade and not the youngest.  Any way, he did his graduation program and I was really proud of him!  He sang all his songs and did his parts as asked!  What a great kid!  I am so proud of this kid.  He learned a lot and as you can see below... his muscles have grown too!