Thursday, October 15, 2009


I finally completed my first Triathlon! Well... sort of. It was really more like a Biathlon because they had to cancel the swim due to round worm! YUCK! So we started with a nasty little 75 meter swim in a many of us peed in the pool that it was as salty as the ocean! SICK! Then we transitioned to run a mile to our bikes. From there we transitioned to do the 12.4 mile bike. Once done we transitioned again to run a 5K. All in all it was a blast! I can't wait to do another one! My dad, Brother--Jeremy, sister--Natalie, and I all loved it and did great! However, my dad and I both placed third in our age! It was so fun!!


Before the Mud Run!

Jared has been busy with his personal training at the Cross Fit Gym. A bunch of the people that he works with all got together and did a mud run. What is a mud run you ask? Well, it is a three mile race that has a number of obstacles. They had to run through tires, jump over walls, crawl through tunnels, and run the entire race in the mud. It was fun to watch. I would have done it too, but I had to stay with Ryan. It was fun to watch!!

Jared running in the mud

The Wall!

Climb through the tunnel

After the Race!

Ryan played in the dirt the entire time. I guess she figures if dad gets to get dirty, then she should too!