Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Taste of My Own Medicine

I just have to blog this before I forget! I wish there were camera's rolling so that I could have this memory forever! However, I do not have my own reality show yet, so this post will have to suffice.

Ryan, recently got a new bike. It's a little 16" purple bike with pink training wheels and a little white basket on the front. She has been learning to ride it, but has not gotten the hang of stopping. The night we got the bike, Jared and I were out watching her ride it. She would go around and around the patio. Finally, Jared and I started pestering her about the need to be able to stop. We would tell her to go fast, then when we said "STOP" she would need to push back on her pedals, HARD. Well, this did not come easy. She thought that it was good enough just to coast to a stop. I tried and tried to explain that she needed to learn to break so that she could make it safely down hills. So we kept telling her to show us how to stop. It didn't take long for all of us to get a little frustrated. Ryan coasted to a stop, got off her bike, put her hands on her hips and walked right up to me and said...

"Mommy, you listen to me. I am riding my bike. Now you go in the house right now! ... Turd."

I was shocked. It was almost embarrassing that my little girl put me in my place like that. Jared was trying not to laugh, but doing a terrible job of it. I on the other hand just stood there in shock! Her tone was identical to mine when I get after her. In a way I was proud, because she didn't yell at me, and she didn't use any terrible language... so I guess I do okay when I get upset and have to discipline. On the other hand... she called me a "Turd." Maybe I should stop name calling!