Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Ryan moment

So we went out to eat as a family one night this past week. We decided that we could all stop and get whatever each of us wanted. I asked Ryan... "What would you like to eat tonight? You get to choose anything that is 'good food.'" She started to explain that she didn't know what the food was called but she knew she wanted it.

"Give me a clue and I'll guess what it is."

"What is a clue?"

"You tell me somthing about it and I try to guess what it is that you are thinking of"

"OK. It's yellow."

"ok, all yellow?"

"No, it has red polk-a-dots on the top."

"Ok, so it this thing a snack?"

"No, it's a dinner food."

"Have you ever eaten it before?"

"Yes, once with daddy. I had to share with Mac because it was so big."

"ok, and you said it is yellow and has polk-a-dots? Does it have anything else."

"Cheese, but only on top."

"Ok, I think you are teasing me. This is not real."

"YES IT IS!!! And it has a point with two sides."

"Ok, are you sure it is real?"


(Now she is mad that I am so stupid and can't figure it out.)

"Well, where did you eat this last time with daddy and Mac?"


"Is it pizza?"

"YES! That's what I want! Pizza!"

Oh my!!! Pizza is just what she said... yellow with red polk-a-dots, cheese only on top, it is a triangle so it has a point with two sides that come down. I guess the joke is on me!! I'm the stupid one!!!