Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas and Anniversary

As predicted, Santa found us all this year--and no one got any coal. We had a blast. Of course our kids were spoiled by everyone who knows them! We first got up early in the morning and opened all the gifts that Santa left at our house. Then we left to Grammie and Papa's house, Zollingers, and got to open a few gifts there. Next it was off to church. I think it's nice to be able to celebrate Christmas on a Sunday. I loved it. Later we went to see Nana and Papa, the Park family. There we were spoiled even more. Finally, we were off to Nana S's house. That's Jared's Nana. She is the best spoiler of all!! We hade the best meal there and yet again opened some gifts! Oh my goodness, we were so SPOILED!! Thanks for a great Christmas!!
Today is also our 6th anniversary. I can't believe that I am here. It feels like yesterday that I was taking the plunge! Not only do I still love Jared today, but I think I might even love him a little bit more than I did 6 years ago! Even after learning everything there is to possibly know about Jared I still respect and love him so much. Here are a few of my most favorite things... Jared addition.
1. He is honest. I have learned something in watching other marriages, as well as being married, if you don't have trust, there is nothing. I know that Jared is always honest. No matter what, I can trust him. He is almost too honest... that's not a bad thing unless you are trying to rip someone off.
2. He is funnier than crap. Maybe it's just me, but I think his ability to turn any song into one of his own is funny.
3. He is attractive. Although his hair is gone, I like the way he looks. He is fit, and can you just say killer smile!!
4. He is a great father. Some dads get home after work and think it's a pain to have to help around the house, or play with the kids. However, Jared loves it. The kids love to hear him talk like a pirate. He makes great forts. He reads book after book, after book, and never gets tired of it.
5. Jared always makes everyone feel loved and safe. People are drawn to him because of his ability to make you feel like you are important to him... and you are. He may not remember your name right away, but if he sees you and remembers your face, chances are he will say hello to you and rekindle your relationship.
6 He tells me every day that he loves me and that I am beautiful. Even on Fat days!! Did you know that I thought he was WAY WAY out of my league when I met him. HE WAS! However, somehow he thought I was good enough to be with him. He thinks I'm pretty great. Either I am the worlds best minipulator, or maybe he really does think I'm good enough for him.
7. He puts me in my place. I have always said that Jared makes me want to be a better person. I think he might be the one person that I know that never speaks about other people in a negative way. He tries his best to always use good language. When I fall short of these kinds of things, he is always there to put me back in my place in a loving way.
8. Jared can take a joke. I think that we laugh more at our house than any other family. I could be wrong, but we have a lot of fun at our home.
9. Jared is quick to say he is sorry. I don't know why, but I struggle with this one. Sometimes when we fight, I will make an effort to appologize first. However, Jared makes it difficult to be the first to say it. I have been first a hand full of times, but he is the one who usually says "sorry" first.
10. Jared loves the church and the Lord. It took me some time to accept that I would never be Jared's #1. I know that I will always come second to the Lord. I am ashamed to say that it took me some time to be ok with that. However, I know that it's a good thing and I would never have it any other way!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving and tender conversations.

Thanksgiving was so good this year!! We had thanksgiving with the Zollinger family, and it was the best dinner we have ever had as a family!!! Growing up my mom always made things homemade, but then we got older and busier... and well, the food got quicker and less quality--naturally. So as we have been getting older with our own families, we have been slowly getting back into good homemade food. Well this year we mastered it!! Jared did the worlds most moist turkey and we all were able to fill in the rest of the blanks. Every part of dinner was awesome.

Now I would like to share a conversation that Ryan had with Jared a week or so ago. Jared had her in the car and was talking to her about what to do if someone asked her to do something that she knew was bad.

Jared: Ryan, what would you do if someone told you to do something that you knew was bad? Like one of your friends.

Ryan: I would not do it.

Jared: You're so smart. You know that you really are a smart girl!

Ryan: Yeah, I would say no and they would say, "Ryan, you're so smart." Then I would do a summer-salt!

So Sweet!!

Another side note, Jared is the man! He did the impossible last week!!! He managed to surprise me! He had a long weekend and managed to surprise me with a get-away. I just woke up one morning and he told me that I needed to pack the kids bags for two days. I was so shocked. Ryan didn't even spill the beans! Jared and I ate ourselves STUPID and stayed down town. It was so much fun! Early Anniversary! I just am crazy about my Jared!! Thanks Sweetie!!