Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Birthday Boy

It happened again, Mac got a year older!  He is now 4 years old!   I can't believe this kid used to be a little baby... how the time gets away from me!  Now he is a big boy who is all fun and very little drama!  Here are some of the things I love about my boy...

1.  His voice.  I know I have been talking about this a lot, but I was so worried that he was going to lose his voice.  There is something very... scruffy, for lack of better words, that makes it unique to him!

2.  He is and always better be a Mama's boy!  This is a good thing!  I love that he is sweet with me.  Although it gets old when he wants me to hold him ALL the time, I still wouldn't ever change it!

3. Mac is ALL BOY!  I never knew a boy who was more boy than this kid!  He has more weaponry than any one person should ever have!  He shoves frogs in his pockets and brings snails into my  house!  I can't say I love that all the time, but I sure love that he keeps busy and doesn't mind getting dirty.

4.  Mac only exists in the NOW!  By this I mean, he only thinks in the now.  There is no thought for the future or how things might play out later.  He only worries about now.  He never holds grudges or worries about what will happen later.  This is a good thing... unless he is making bad choices then I really wish he would think a little bit more about how things will play out in the future!  That we can teach him we hope!

5.  Can you say DETERMINED?!?  This kid will never quit when he wants something.  I can't tell you how long this kid will work at me to get a treat!  I could tell him no a million times but that is not going to stop him from trying.  It's annoying some days, but I think if we can fuel it in the right ways, he will be unstoppable!  I admire a wont quit attitude!

6.  He is a smart kid.  I wont say that Jared and I are stupid, but we are not like this kid.  It's like he can learn without even putting in much effort at all.  I think that he is going to be very good with things like math... probably be a great student!  I guess I'll have to reflect back on this in a few years to see how things turn out.  This kid is very quick to learn and does very well at almost everything he sets his mind to.

7.  Mac is a natural athlete.  His arm is a rocket and his coordination is impressive. I don't know if he will ever get tall, but that's not going to stop him from being a very good athlete!  Plus, he has the energy levels needed to go like the energizer bunny!

8.  Oh those eyes!  Have you seen this boys lashes.  They are unique because they are different colors, but they go on for miles too.  It's like this boy was just built more beautiful than most!   He doesn't like to smile much for the camera, but this boy has a face that no one can resist!

9.  Mac is so great to volunteer.  Everyone in the primary has been telling me that he is always volunteering to say the prayer or thought if they need one on the fly.  He is also very willing to share his thoughts and try to answer all the questions they ask too.  I admire his willingness to speak up and help.  Probably has something to do with getting to talk into the microphone... I'll take it though.

10.  McCallum is one of the greatest blessings we have had.  He is everything a mother could ever dream her kid would be.  He is not perfect, but he is to us.  I love this boy more and more every day and I am just so grateful that he is ours!  If I could change anything about this boy I don't think I would!  He is just the most wonderful, loving kid!  We are so lucky to have him in our family!

We love you Mac!

As for his party... or should I say parties, we had a blast.  He got to go shopping with his Nana one day.  We went to Toys R Us and he got to pick out his own gift.  I couldn't believe how many isles we had to walk up and down.  He didn't ever stop or pick anything up really.  But when it came time to choose, he didn't surprise any of us!  He left with two swords and a bow with arrows and a quiver!  Shocking that he would want more weapons--NOT!

Then we had some fun cupcakes at school.  Ninja Turtle ones!  He made it very clear that I needed to make them look like ninja turtles.  We even watched a few tutorials online and he found the ones he liked best for me to try to replicate.  They turned out pretty cute!

Then he had a party with our family where he got a croquet set, a ninja turtle shell, a soccer ball,  a floor puzzle, and some more balls for him to hit outside with a bat.

Next, my family spoiled him and we had cookies and ice cream.  Punching gloves and a punching bag--what were Papa and Grammie thinking?!?  He is going crazy on this punching bag and I am just praying that I never see him do this same thing to a person.  lol he wont!

Finally, another dinner and desert where Nana S went wild and outfitted him with enough clothes to last forever!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Day

Mac just started back to school again!  He was so excited to finally be back to his own thing.  It's been hard having Ryan gone all day every day so this will be really good to have Mac back in school too!  He has a lot of friends and will also be able to take some birthday cupcakes in tomorrow!  Tomorrow is the big day!  It will be McCallum's 4th birthday!  Stay posted for more on that!

Also, I am happy to say that Mac has fully recovered from his surgery!  For those of you who know Mac you know what his voice is like.  He has a very unique voice that is just so... Mac.  I thought that it would be changed forever because the doctor said that it was a symptom of not getting any air up to the nasal passageways.  However, I am happy to say that his voice is still the same for the most part.  It is a little higher, but that Mac sound is still there!  I was so worried about that!  I know that sounds lame, but I associate that sound with who he is in such a big way!  I am just so relieved that it's not gone!

Handsome boy, we love you!