Thursday, March 19, 2015


This little girl just wont quit growing up!  I am late to post her birthday, but I didn't forget!  I think I'm in denial about how big she is getting!  She is just so stinking cute, I can't handle her growing up so fast!  This year she did a fun combined party with our neighbor Kate.  They had a ton of friends come and decorate cupcakes, hit a pinata, play bingo, do butterfly tattoos and balloons, and just run around crazy in the church gym.  I was exhausted after it was all over!  Thank goodness for my friend Heidi helping.  The two of us were able to take on 20 seven year old girls!  Wow, it wasn't easy!

On top of that all, she got a party with my Dad and her cousin Riley who also turned 7.  Spoiled little thing.  Oh and don't forget the sleep over she had with Nana!  She got to shop, go to dinner, stay up late and then wake up and eat 6 cinnamon rolls for breakfast!  Lucky little thing!

Happy Birthday to my favorite little girl of all time!  Each year I get more and more sad that my little girl is growing up and turning into a perfect little lady!