Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jared's Utra Trail Run

Let me take one second and brag for Jared--because you all know he wont do it himself!  This weekend Jared complete the Logan Peek Trail Run!  This counts as an Ultra Marathon because it was 28 Miles of horrible awfulness.  He basically power hiked up and around Logan Peek and then Ran back down.  Pretty terrible if you ask me.  He was able to do it quicker than he had hoped and finished in 6.31.00 roughly.  So good Job Jared!  You're one amazing athlete.  Unfortunately we were only able to be at the finish so we only go the finishing pictures, but he looked strong and happy at the end so that's really good.  Oh and as a perk they did a raffle and he won a really nice pair of trail running shoes!  So that made the entire trip worth it right there!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another Graduation

Now that Ryan is done with school too we can officially start our summer!  This little girl made us really proud.  She did everything she needed to in order to finish Kindergarten!  She did really great in all areas and she is a very well behaved student!  It was fun to see her sing in the end of the year program!  Good job Ryan We are so proud of you!!

 Some of Ryan and her friend Kirtland on the left in purple and Lillith in the blue on the Right.
                                                                   Mrs. Howard