Thursday, June 10, 2010


Jared is now done working mornings at the crossfit gym, so we have a lot of time together during the week. This week we opted to go up to Panguitch and camp and fish. Jared surprised me and Ryan with new fishing poles. So we put them to good use. We reeled in more than our fair share of fishy's! We even kept our limit! It was a blast.

Ryan had a little miss-hap though. I went to the back of the truck to get her a drink and she tried to follow me. It's a little too high of a drop for her though. She ended up falling out and scraping up her face. I feel like such a jerk every time she looks at me!!



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer FUN

Memorial Day we took the kids up on a hike. It took us two hours to hike about two miles with the girls getting out and walking a good portion of it! It was a joke, but it was really fun. Next time maybe we can make it to the end with the kids! I love living outside Zions!

Also, we have been spending some time in my sister, Natalie's, back yard. They got a sprinkler to water the yard with and we run through it from time to time. Although the girls do not like to actually get wet at all! They will run under the water as long as they can make it without any
water getting on them.

Friday, June 4, 2010


So I have neglected to keep updated in good time... here is what we did last month!


it was a blast to watch Jared kill himself! Like sectionals he had two days of hellish workouts (WODS) to see just how fit he really is. This included the top 20 men and women in UT, NV, OR, WA, AK, and ID.

WOD #1

Three rounds for time:
10 Overhead squats with 135 pounds
50 Double under

Time: 7:21

WOD #2

90 second Axel Dead Lift. As many Reps as possible.

The men could choose their weights (263, 303, 353)
Jared did 24 with 263 pounds for a total score of 6,312 pounds moved in 90 seconds!

WOD #3

5 mile hill run for time
Jared finished in37:37. That came out to be 32nd place out of 75 men!

WOD #4

30 Calorie Row
30 thrusters with 95 pounds
3 20' rope climb
30 Kettle bell swings 53 pound kettle

20 Calorie row
20 thrusters with 115 pounds
2 20' rope climbs
20 Kettle bell swings 53 pound kettle

10 Calorie row
10 thrusters with 135 pounds
1 20' rope climb
10 kettle bell swings 53 pound kettle

Jared finished in a staggering 21:10! Ended up taking 31st place in this WOD overall

In the end Jared earned the title of 41st fittest man in the NW United States!!

I wish everyone could see how killer this last WOD was for everyone! People were dropping off the ropes like crazy and almost dropping Kettles on their head! Jared did amazing!!