Friday, May 18, 2012

Wheeler Farm

Ryan and I got to go to Wheeler Farm for with her school class! We had a bunch of fun. We learned all about the animals. They got to see how you milk a cow and a lot of other fun things like making butter out of cream. We went on a tracktor ride and then fed some ducks. In the end all the kids were ready to eat their lunches and go home.

As a side note, we drove with one of Ryan's class friends to the farm. Trison, was so cute! He kepts telling Ryan that it was a good idea to hold hands everywhere they went. So, almost the entire time they were hand in hand. So cute. This kid was a doll.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Just wanted to tell Alex and Jeremy, my brothers, Congratulations! Alex, for getting his Bachelors at the worst school in the entire world!! Jeremy, for getting his Masters down there at good ol' SUU! Good job Brothers!! Jeremy, send me a picture of you in a cap and gown or a suit and I'll post it with Alex's! Until then here is the graduate completing his HALF IRON MAN!! What was harder Jeremy... Masters or Half Iron? I put money on the Iron man!!