Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Can you believe it has been five years?  I can't hardly believe the little baby that we brought home all those years ago is now turning into a beautiful little girl!  Here is Ryan the day she was born and then on her 5th birthday.  I can't believe something so small could grow into this sweet girl!

I think it goes without saying, this little girl was completely spoiled on her special day!  Of course it is tradition to have a sleep over with Jared's side of the family.  So Nana decided to take Ryan shopping for her birthday gift.  Knowing clothes are Ryan's favorite, they headed off to the store in search of the perfect dress.  Ryan had to try 12 dresses on before she found the perfect dress.  Each dress she would carefully inspect in the mirror.  Then each dress went through her twirl test.  Finally after two stores and 12 outfits (because she has to see each dress with all the accessories) She finally picked the dress that you see her in above... with the head band, necklace, tights, and sweater.  Silly girl... it's going to be a complete nightmare finding this girl a wedding dress!  But we will cross that bridge when we get there in 30 years!!!

Next, of course we have to discuss the party that this girl had!  After my parents came over with their gits we had a friend party.  We invited some of her cute little friends from the neighborhood over and had a party.  We ate pizza, played games, and decorated some cupcakes.  It was a house full of kids and fun! She was so happy!  As a mother I was happy I lived through those two hours!!!

As you can guess, Brave was a big hit this year.  She got a few different dolls, the Brave dress and shoes, and even the movie.  I think she really enjoyed turning 5 this year!