Monday, September 8, 2008

Family meeting

We had the opportunity to meet with Kenzie, Jeremy, Bev, Mike, Danielle, Annette (all members, in one way or another, of Ryan's Birth family!) We are so grateful for the pictures and the meeting so that Ryan can know how many people really love her! Although it was a little more emotional for me than I had thought it would be, I was so glad that we were able to spend some time with these family members.

Ryan with Jared and I as well as her birth mother Kenzie, and birth father Jeremy

Kenzie and Jeremy with Ryan

Me and Kenzie with Ryan

Jared and Jeremy with Ryan

maybe Ryan will end up country too!

Kenzie with Ryan!

Lake Powell again but with DAD!

We were able to do another trip to Powell when Jared got home! Jared really needed a vacation! The weather was much cooler this trip; however, we were not able to ski or board much--Jared got in once. Other than that, it was really fun to spend some time as a family in the sun and water!

Sitting up

So I have really failed to keep on top of this blog! For now, Jared and I do not have the internet in our home. However, I promis to do my best. Right before Jared Came home from MN Ryan decided that she would start to sit up all by her self!! She still wont roll, but this will do for now!! You might also notice that she flaps her arms a lot! I think that she has decided that she would rather fly than roll over!