Monday, June 10, 2013


We decided to add one more to the family.  This is Greg our Irish Terrier.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I have to tell this story that happened while camping over Memorial Day or I'll forget it!  While camping with Jared's parents and Grandparents the kids would ask different people at different times to go out around the camp and kill all the bad guys that may be near by.  Mac had found this stick that served as both a shoot gun and a bow and arrow.  It proved to be very handy because he manged to kill a lot of bad guys!  On one trip out around the camp they had Jared's dad, Papa Kirby with them.  Kirby said that Ryan surprised him when she said: "Papa, make sure you don't touch the yellow flowers because they will kill you.  Only Mac can touch those because he has the power of God!"

I'm just glad that my kids have an imagination.  Plus, I think Ryan is dead on.  If you had any super power what would it be?  Some might say to fly.  Others might say to be able to move things with their minds.  Not my girl... She would have the power of God.  And I ask, what greater power could there be!?

We had so much fun fishing, even though we only caught two fish.  We also roasted hot dogs.  More importantly we roasted MARSHMALLOWS!  The kids had a good time and it was nice to get out for a change!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Ryan has officially finished Preschool.  I can't believe how much she has grown and learned!  She is going to do very well in Kindergarten this coming year!  I wish I could slow this growing up stuff down.  It's crazy how fast she has grown up!
 This is Ryan's wonderful teacher Mrs.  Balls.  If anyone is looking for a great school I would highly suggest Discovery preschool!  Mrs.  Balls is so organized and so great with the kids!  We really loved her classes a lot!