Saturday, August 28, 2010


So I am sitting at home just going stir crazy. Jared is at the gym and Ryan is watching a movie while eating her breakfast. However, my mind is spinning. I normally would not announce anything until it was a for sure thing, but I am thinking it might calm my nerves a little if I write about it.

So what's the news... We are waiting for a baby boy to be born! He should come any day now... but he is taking his sweet time! I know that our birth mom probably could use a break from being pregnant! And I know I could use a break from anxiously awaiting him so... just come already!

So while we wait why not let the public weigh in on our name selection. Keep in mind that the middle name we leave open to the birth mother unless she doesn't have any names. however we are going back and forth between...

Ryder McCallum AND Fisher William

I think that I would also go for McCallum Hinkley. And we have thought about Hinkley McCallum as well.

Leave some other names for me to chew on the next few days while I wait as patiently as I can. At least weigh in on you thought about the names too!

"We are excited for you to come to our home little boy! Just come healthy and happy! LOVE YA!"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Great state of WY

So my little sister and Jared's little brother, Steph and Jordan, have officially left us for pharmacy school in WY. I know this sounds horrible, but I really am glad to see them go. First because this will be a great experience for them. Second, one day Steph will be able to get me my drugs at cost--provided she passes and becomes a pharmacist. Finally, now that they are gone we have been able to move into the basement apartment that they once occupied. Good riddance! Just kidding, Steph is my chum and best friend and I will miss her. Jordan is going to be missed as well. Those to are going to do great out there though! Good luck with everything you guys!!

Here is a picture of Steph and Jordan right after her white coat ceremony. What a good looking coat! It makes her look so smart and so able to distribute drugs!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2.5 and Cute as a bug

So I took my little sister Andrea out for new year pictures and decided to try and get some of Ryan while out. You know, kill two birds with one stone. This little girl is so cute and fun the camera can't even capture it!! Here is a taste of what I get every day all day.

This we coined "lady look"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday and Crazy Race!

So Jared had his 27th birthday... what an old FART! We had a good day though. You always know it's a good day when you see Jared give in and eat two helpings of birthday cake!!

Also, Jared decided to do a huge race on the spur of the moment. A week before the Jupiter Peak Steeple Chase in Park City, Jared decided to give it a try. This is no run in the park. It is a freakin' 16 mile mountain climb. 8 miles to the peak and 8 miles back. However, he did really well. He finished in 3 hours and 9 min. Nice job for no training and never running in any sort of race before!