Monday, May 11, 2009


Sorry my phone takes bad pictures if you move at all. And Ryan always moves!

Jared and I decided to make a sacrifice and split up for the next month. Jared will be working in Denver and I will be here at home, with Ryan, holding down the fort--it wasn't worth giving up my job. Before he left we all got sick. Ryan threw up one night and I expressed my fear of it happening again while Jared was gone. Jared assured me that it wouldn't happen and things would be fine. Well... He couldn't have been more WRONG!!! Not only have I been sick with a head cold and a stomach bug, but Ryan has too! In addition to Ryan's sickness, she is also getting new teeth in! Needless to say, I have cleaned up more throw up than I ever thought possible in a lifetime! (That's me being dramatic of course but it is a lot!) I have found that Ryan gets car sick, and that some poop smells and looks identical to throw least it stays contained...IF YOU ARE LUCKY!! I think that I needed to be tried so that I could come out on top and know that I am not a bad mom, but rather a GREAT mom! I never thought I would be glad that I had to go through so much puke, poop, boogers, and sleepless nights just to feel confident in myself as a mother! GO ME!

PS. Jared I know you worry but we REALLY are doing just fine! I love you, miss you, and hope you know that when you come back you will have to take care of all diapers and ALL barf for a month. WE LOVE YOU