Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mac's Birthday take two!

So I have finally gotten to the goods.  Here is some of the pictures of Mac's birthday.  We thought that he could use a new bike.  He has mastered the balance bike so we are moving him to two wheels without training wheels.  I think he liked it!

Ryan got Mac a sword and a movie.  You can't go wrong with a sword!

Finally, both our families managed to outfit him with enough weaponry to last a lifetime!  Thanks everyone!!

 All Make wanted as far as cake goes was balls.  So I make him an assortment of ball cupcakes.  They met his standards, so I was happy!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Mac

Another year has come and gone for this little boy!  I can't believe it but he is now THREE!  It blows my mind how the time goes!  This kid went from being so still as a baby to a never ending bundle of energy! Literally, every min of every day is moving so fast with this kid.  There is nothing in my house that he can't turn into a weapon.  Seriously, EVERYTHING is a sword or shoot gun!!  He is hardly ever seen without multiple swords down his back and a few guns in his pants!  Oh this boy!  I love him, but he keeps me on my toes!!  Here are ten reasons this kid makes me fall in love with him over and over:

10.  Have you seen this kids eyes and smile.  He can suck you in so fast you don't even know that he is manipulating you.

9.  He is always playing some kind of fighting.  I love when he plays that Ryan is the princess and he has to save her from some bad guys!

8.  He has an imagination that cannot be topped.  This kid is always fighting bad guys.  Even the trees seem to be bad guys.

7.  He is my little cuddle bug in the mornings.

6.  He has this voice, oh the voice.  You would think that he just does it sometimes, but I am thinking that it is his real voice.  It's like a man voice/cool teenager voice.  I can't describe it.  If you know Mac you know what I am talking about.

5.  Mac is never shy.  Just the other day I had to stop him from pinching some strangers butt in the checkout line.  Mac had one of those claw arms that pinch and pick things up... well that man almost got the claw pinching his bum!!

4.  Mac is not afraid to try new things.  I can't keep him from doing all sorts of things from water skiing to doing flips off his bet onto the Love Sack!

3.  Mac loves treats!  A man after my own heart!  He can sniff them out a mile away.  I dare say he can hear the rustle of a wrapper from even further away!!

2.  Mac always hugs my neck when I put his shoes on and says: "Mom, you my Friend?"  And I always reply: "Yes, always!"  Sometimes we switch roles and he will hug my neck tight and say "Mom, I'll always be your friend."

1.  What would my life be without this little handful?!?  I hate to even think about a world without this boy in it to keep me on my toes and always falling in love!

McCallum, we love you tons and tons boy!  Don't you ever doubt it!

McCallum Goes to School

I Can hardly believe I am letting this happen!  Now my boy is in school!  He still wont go to Kindergarten for another three years because his birthday is so close to the deadline, but we thought why not start him early anyway!  He was so excited to go to his class for the first time!  I can't believe how big this kid is getting!  Look out world because Mac attack is on the loose!!