Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little ones grow like weeds

So McCallum is growing so stinking fast. His little face is jut filling out so well! I guess that's because he eats like a champ and sleeps the same! He's not even 3 weeks old and he downs 4 oz at a time.

As for Ryan, she is such a great big sister! She has really helped out a lot around the house. She loves to get the binki, bottles, and diapers to help. Every time we do pictures she wants her turn to look cute! She's really good at that!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


As a side note... I know that many of you thing that you would pronounce McCallum just like McCall; however, it is not that way. It is actually Ma-Cal-um. It's a Scottish family name.
So I couldn't send an announcement out to everyone so I thought I would post the one I sent for all y'all that didn't get one! Don't worry, most all of y'all didn't get one! Just family mostly! Enjoy this little bundle!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

In a Nutshell

So I know that many of you didn't even know that we have been anticipating McCallum... so this is the story in a nutshell.
About two months ago Jared's mom and dad sat us down and told us that there was a birth mother looking to place a baby and that she had already decided that she really liked us as the adoptive family. Due to the fact that we were not working with any agency at the time, we were a little perplexed. Then they went on to tell us that the Eileen Morris, a close family friend, had mentioned that her niece was looking for a family and wanted to look into the agency that Lynn (Jared's mom) works with. Being a wonderful mother, Lynn suggested that Eileen show Her Niece, Nithra, our family and see what she thought about a private adoption. So that is just what happened. Without Jared or my knowledge they got onto our blog and cut a number of pictures and words that I had written. I guess Nithra felt really good about us, because we got to meet her the next day after hearing about her. We met with Nithra and her mother and talked for about two hours and then just waited to hear if they liked us. I assume that they did because she picked us to be the family that would raise her little guy! A few weeks later we had dinner with her again so that we could meet her dad as well. (Let me just say, this family is so neat! We just fell in love with them from the get go!!)
Time passed and we finally got around to having the baby born... It went by so fast! The family invited us up to hold McCallum the night he was born. He was just the most perfect little baby boy we have ever seen! We got to spend time with Nithra and her parents as well as meet one of her little brothers. I can't even tell you how comforting it was to meet these people and just love them instantly. They were fantastic to us! I can't imagine it was easy for them to share their time with us, but I am grateful that they did!

The next day we came to the hospital to take McCallum home. It's so hard to put into words the confusing emotions that go on! We were so excited to bring him home, but so heart broken to see this wonderful family hurt so much. We came with Ryan and our attorney Mike and spent some time filling out paperwork and enjoying each others company. Ryan took to Scott and Lu so quick. She was dancing and singing for them. She even felt comfortable enough to go on walks with them and try to scare them by growling at them! (That's the real test. If Ryan will scare you, you know she likes you!)

Finally, after waiting for an eternity for us to be discharged, we all walked out to our cars together. We exchanged hugs and some words and drove away! I wish that words were able to describe the emotion and love, but they just can't! I hope Nithra and her entire family knows how much we love them! They are all a part of our family now! We are so grateful to them for providing us a way to grow and expand our family in a way that we couldn't do on our own.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

McCallum William Park

So just as I had decided that I was ok with waiting for this little guy to come on the 11th I get a call that Nithra was admitted into the hospital! She went in around 5ish on September 3rd and ended up delivering this little one at 5:13am on September 4th! He is such a good little baby! He is so chill, and is just such a good sleeper, eater, and looker!! He is perfect!!

6 Pounds 5 Ounces and 19.5 inches

So, we just got this little doll home today; and, as you can imagine things are crazy here at the house. So I will get some pictures and a our story up later. Stay posted!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still nothin'

So... it's been a while now...and there is still nothing happening as far as the labor process g0es. I am sure that Nithra is tired of being pregnant, and it's killing me to wait!! The doctors stripped her membranes on Tuesday and there has been no signs of labor. I guess we will just have to wait more and see. If she does not go into labor by this next Tuesday, Sept 7, they will strip them one more time. If she still does not go into labor after that, they have set an induction for September 11! What a day to be born huh!! The attack on the United States, as well as the day that Jared went into the MTC! I wish it would be the 10th or even the 12th, but I don't get to decide these things! Oh man... I really need to work on being PATIENT!!

Also, now that we have had time to think more about names, we are liking McCallum William. But be honest. Is that too much? They both end in um. It's Jared's middle name, but I am not really a fan of naming my children based on tradition. I think McCallum Clyde sounds pretty cool. How many Clyde's do you know that get beat up at school? Naming boys is so hard!!!