Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Turning one

Can you believe that this little boy will be a year?!! That's right he turns one on September 4th! Due to the fact that we will be away for his birthday, we decided to celebrate a bit early. Plus, if I made his cake at Stephanie and Jared's party it would get eaten by someone other than just me!

It seems like only yesterday that we were even waiting for this little guy to come! I can't believe how fast the time goes! All these months of growing and changing have just flown by. Now at one year old, McCallum is so fun. He's not quite walking by himself yet, but he gets around anything he wants to. He loves to make trouble. In fact, I think it makes him happy to hear me tell him "No." He is constantly getting into the cupboards that are off limits, or the cords that are not to be touched, or the remotes that are not to be played with. He loves to laugh, and is always smiling. Mac also loves the water. I constantly have to keep him out of the bathroom. Either he will try to get into the tub, or I find him splashing around the toilet! I try, but he can open the lid. At times he has even squeezed through the door! He's constantly on the go! I just love this little boy!!

Here are some of the photos from his party including the iguana cake that I made for him! It was a lot more work than I had planned... but it turned out great! I was proud that I did it without help!! Happy birthday my little guy!! We love you!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am a little behind on writing my darling Jared a Happy Birthday blog. I think I was waiting to do his party with McCallum, but I better not wait. So Happy 28th old man!

After Jared spent his special day working, I took him to Sportsman's and got him the gift of his dreams... a Leatherman tool. Wow! I really tried to get him to get another knife that he was drooling over, but he was just not committed. Funny boy! He has a wod of cash in his pocket, and he wont buy anything he wants. Silly! After we grabbed a bite and got the kids home and in bed. It was a good day. I hope Jared thought so too!

So lets all raise our glasses and toast to a man who works hard every day, who never quits smiling, and who never lets anything bother him! Cheers! I love you Jared!