Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This year was so much stinking fun! Ryan finally got into the spirit of Halloween! She understood the concept of Trick-or-Treating! At first when we were deciding what to be for Halloween Ryan told me that she wanted to be a princess with RED hair. As time passed and she got more into it, she kept adding things to it. She wanted to be a queen and wear the queen dress. with red hair and a crown--the crown would also make her a princess. So she would be a red-headed Queen/Princess. However, she also wanted to wear a pumpkin mask with Fairy wings. So then she would be the red-headed, pumpkin, fairy Queen/princess. However, the requirements for the wings were that they must be functional. Meaning, they must allow her to really fly. When I told her that they didn't make those kinds of wings she was disappointed... but only for a second. She then requested that I start looking right away for magic pixie dust that would allow her to fly with her dress up wings. Lucky me, I had to break the news that there was no stores in the state that sold real magic pixie dust! Finally, she also requested that she be able to ride the unicorn while being the red-headed, fairy pumpkin queen/princess. MAN ALIVE!! In the end she settled for a red-headed queen.
McCallum was Frankenstein. EASY!
We had a blast knocking on doors and collecting tons and tons of candy! Here are some of the pictures. I've also added some from when we went to Gardner Village to see all the witches with Nana Lynn. Thanks for the fun pony ride Nana!