Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back To School

Have you noticed that the older the kids get the shorter summer seems to get!?!  Well today was Ryan's first day back to school.  She is in the first grade and will be doing the Chinese immersion program at her school.  She was really excited to be able to learn Chinese.  I guess in a few years she can talk back to me without me knowing what she is saying... not that this perfect little girl ever talks back.  It'll be fun to see how she grows and learns this year!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No More Sawing Logs!!

Yesterday we had a trip to the hospital with Mac to get his tonsils and adenoids out.  Mac has been snoring for far too long and it was about time we did something to help him!  Now that the tonsils and adenoids are gone Mac should sleep better and grow better too.  The doctor said that his tonsils were HUGE and that now we should see a big change.  I do regret that it will also change his adorable voice.  His voice was always low and just so...Mac, but that was due to a lack of air flow to his nasal passageways.  So now his voice will probably be a bit higher and less labored.  Sad, but I am glad that it helped.
I have to say Mac is recovering so well.  I was really worried because it was a little bit of a nightmare at the hospital!  We decided to give him some medication to help him be a little less anxious about going into surgery.  They did say that the medication sometimes makes kids wake up a little grumpy, but normally it's not too big of a deal.  Most kids will sleep around 30 mins after the anesthesia so the medicine has time to wear off and they are not so mad.  However, Mac didn't sleep at all hardly.  When he woke up he was more than a little bit mad!!  He was possessed by a demon I think!  He was screaming and kicking, trying to force his hands down his throat and scratch his throat, he was trying to rip out the IV they had in his foot!  He was going nuts and screaming about how much pain he was in.  Of course they couldn't do anything for him.  We just had to calm him down and get some fluids into him so that he could have some Motrin to help with the pain.  Thank goodness for Jared!  He stayed to calm and was just so awesome!  I was a wreck!  I couldn't keep my emotions together!  I really think that I will forever be haunted with the screams of my son in agony and pain!  It was so upsetting to me!  However, we were able to get him back to sleep.  The nurses assured us that if Mac slept that he would wake up better the second time.  Sure enough, a little bit later his eyes opened and looked right at Jared and said, "Hi dad, I fell asleep.  It doesn't hurt now!"  I was so relieved.  Jared and I just looked at each other in shock and laughed!  From that point on he was so happy and in very little pain at all!  The best part is that Mac doesn't even remember any of the pain or anger of the first wake up!  TENDER MERCY!

After we left the hospital we took Mac to get a treat and some popsicles.  The nurses said to watch him for the day because he would be a little wobbly on his feet.  So we put him in one of those car shopping carts so that he wouldn't have to walk.  He just was so busy though and kept getting out and being silly.  At one point I took him up the baby isle just to keep the cart moving in hopes of keeping him in the cart.  He of course saw something that caught his eye and climbed out as I was pushing him.

"Mom, what's that?"
"What does it look like silly, it's a plate, bowl, spoon, and fork."  Just then I turn to look at him for a reaction and he is leaning in to me with his eyes closed and his lips puckered up waiting for a kiss.  I gave him a kiss and then he whispers "I really love you mom."  I was laughing so hard!  What a ham!  I'll take it any way I get it though!  I don't care if it was the medicine talking!  It was great!

Lake Powell Take Two

It took too long for me to update about the rest of our summer travels!  I just got busy with serving in Young Women's I think.  Any how, we were able to go to Lake Powell again and we had a blast!  The kids both were able to swim, do the ski skimmer, and even cliff jump!  It was quite fun!  I still can't believe Ryan was cliff jumping.  She went from the girl who would freak out if her face got even a little bit wet, to cliff jumping!
Ryan did so well this year in the water.  Every year she swims all day long, but this year she was not so...dare I say...CHICKEN.  She did the slide, the tube, ski skimmer, and cliff jumping.  It was really a lot of fun to have her at the lake.  She has just grown up so much.  I told her, maybe now that you have lost so many baby teeth you are not such a baby.  Your big teeth must be helping you act so big!  She liked that reasoning.  I just adore this sweet girl!

Mac was a lot of fun at the lake too!  He would ride the ski skimmer all day long if we let him.  Although he didn't swim for nearly the length of time his sister did, he still swam hard.  This little boy was great!  He went on a hike and along the way the came across a ton of little frogs.  Needless to say, he came back with seven of them.  Aunt Lisa also made sure I checked his pockets too.  I guess he was stuffing hand fulls of little frogs into his pockets!  Oh this boy!!!  I just love him to bits!

As for Jared and I, well we just are enjoying watching the kids have fun!  We also managed some time on the wake board, air chair, tube, and cliff jumping, but the best part was just watching and enjoying the kids!  We just feel really blessed to have been so spoiled this year!