Saturday, September 3, 2016

McCallum Turns SIX

Today we got to celebrate McCallum's Birthday.  Tomorrow is the day, but it's Sunday tomorrow so we had to party today!  All Mac has wanted for the past... well forever, is to go to Cowabunga Bay water park.  We saw a good opportunity so we took it.  Spent the day at the water park and had a blast with some friends that were there.  We actually crashed another birthday party that Ryan was invited to the same day and just went with them.  They are good friends so they didn't mind and all the kids got to play together so it was a Win Win!  Mac and Ryan were both so brave and went on every slide in the park!  Some were pretty big too!  It was a ton of fun.  Then for lunch Mac just wanted a taco from Taco Time... so that's what he got!  After a long day we finally ended with some Steak and Cake!  Not to mention the presents!  Ryan really wanted to spend her own money to get Mac some dart guns and it was a big hit.  Jared and I decided to finally get the kid a basketball hoop and a few balls.  It was so much fun!  I love to celebrate my kids, but I hate to see them grow up so quickly!!

All Mac wanted was a Hulk Smash cake.  I didn't want to do anything big though because it was just the four of us eating the cake so this is what I came up with... I think it turned out pretty good.  Best part was that I didn't even have do make any of it.  Just assemble!  I know that's cheating, but this year was really really busy with both the kids going back to school. 
Happy Birthday Mac!  You are a kind, fun, sweet, tender, crazy, tough, silly kid!  Life without you would be dull and boring!  I never thought I could love a boy like I do this one!  If I didn't have you I would be nothing!  I love you!  -Mom

Friday, September 2, 2016

Back To School

Another year has started and another summer has ended for us!  The kids had to say goodbye to sleeping in and having lazy mornings and long days at the pool.  They have traded those days in for school days now!  Ryan started the third grade this year and I can't believe how much she is growing up!  On the other hand, Mac started Kindergarten this year!  I am a sad mom with no kids at home.  I say that lightly though... Kindergarten is only half day so it's not like I'm enjoying all the freedom yet.  I do, however, miss my kids when they are gone!  I wasn't ready to end the summer.  Last year I think I was ready to go back to school but not this year!  I want my lazy mornings, my long days at the pool, and my kids back!  Regardless, these kids are going to do some amazing things!!

 Mac waiting to go into the first day of Kindergarten with our friend and neighbor Moya
First in line for the big first day of Kindergarten!

I should also give a little update on my boy.  We had to have three teeth pulled just a few weeks ago to give him some room for bigger teeth.  The orthodontist thinks that if we pull his teeth and give him room for the bigger teeth to drop in then we wont have to do any braces till he is about 12 years old.  I guess Mac's mouth is so crowded that his teeth wont fall out on their own.  Rather the teeth will keep growing in behind or in front of his baby teeth.  Right now he has a hold in the bottom row and just one tooth up in the middle.  Too me it still doesn't seem like enough room for his big teeth to come in, but I'll have to trust the experts on this one!  In another 6-8 months we will be pulling more and then another 6-8 months again more.  By the end we will have pulled about 7 teeth out for the boy!  Poor kid!  However, Mac was so brave this last time I am a little less worried about it now.  He didn't complain or cry!  He was brave and just got the job done!!  What a stud!!

Mac getting numb so they can pull out three bottom teeth 
 Don't let this picture fool you!  Mac looks like he is miserable, but we just got inside from playing catch with his new lacrosse sticks that we bought for him because he was so brave.  He is just straining his face so that we can see the hole in his smile.  Poor kid... He can't even eat normal foods without having to have them cut up into small pieces for him!
Mac's house of Horrors!  These teeth are tiny but check out those roots!  It's like a scary movie inside that little box!  The tooth fairy paid a good amount for those roots though so it's not all bad!