Saturday, September 3, 2016

McCallum Turns SIX

Today we got to celebrate McCallum's Birthday.  Tomorrow is the day, but it's Sunday tomorrow so we had to party today!  All Mac has wanted for the past... well forever, is to go to Cowabunga Bay water park.  We saw a good opportunity so we took it.  Spent the day at the water park and had a blast with some friends that were there.  We actually crashed another birthday party that Ryan was invited to the same day and just went with them.  They are good friends so they didn't mind and all the kids got to play together so it was a Win Win!  Mac and Ryan were both so brave and went on every slide in the park!  Some were pretty big too!  It was a ton of fun.  Then for lunch Mac just wanted a taco from Taco Time... so that's what he got!  After a long day we finally ended with some Steak and Cake!  Not to mention the presents!  Ryan really wanted to spend her own money to get Mac some dart guns and it was a big hit.  Jared and I decided to finally get the kid a basketball hoop and a few balls.  It was so much fun!  I love to celebrate my kids, but I hate to see them grow up so quickly!!

All Mac wanted was a Hulk Smash cake.  I didn't want to do anything big though because it was just the four of us eating the cake so this is what I came up with... I think it turned out pretty good.  Best part was that I didn't even have do make any of it.  Just assemble!  I know that's cheating, but this year was really really busy with both the kids going back to school. 
Happy Birthday Mac!  You are a kind, fun, sweet, tender, crazy, tough, silly kid!  Life without you would be dull and boring!  I never thought I could love a boy like I do this one!  If I didn't have you I would be nothing!  I love you!  -Mom

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