Saturday, November 16, 2013

Never want to forget

I try to post little stories that I never want to forget so that I can look back and laugh when my kids are all grown up.  This is on of those moments!

Jared said that he was with the kids one night while I was gone, and he really wanted to go get a drink.  He got the kids all in the car and was on his way to the gas station when he and Ryan had this conversation...

Jared: lets get in the car so we can go get daddy a drink (Diet Mountain Dew).
Ryan: Can we get one too?
Jared: No, you have apple juice at home.
Ryan: Please!
Jared: No, you have apple juice at home you can have.
Ryan: Daddy, what if your daddy took you to the gas station and bought himself a drink and didn't buy you one?  How would that make you feel?
Jared: You're right.  I'll get you a drink too.

Smart little girl!  I am a little worried about what Ryan as a teenager is going to be like!!

Also, I posted Halloween before we actually got to go trick-or-treating so I need to share this as well.

The kids literally ran from house to house!  They we so excited to be getting so much candy.  Each house we would go to they would ring the door bell and wait.  When the door open the kids froze.  I would coach them by saying something like... "Say Trick-Or-Treat; however, they hardly ever had the guts to say anything to strangers.  They would just wait to be given the candy.  Then as we would leave each house I would say "what do you say?"  I was implying that they need to say thank you for the candy.  Ryan, being the smart five year old got it and would say thank you.  However, Mac had a different take on this and would yell "NEXT HOUSE!"  He always keeps his eye on the prize!

At one point in the night it was time to turn and head back down the street, we had already gotten more than enough candy to last forever.  So I said to Mac, "lets head back down to Papa's house so you can show him how much candy you got."  He was so excited that he started to head toward papa's house.  As he approached the curb to cross the street with me he did a move just like in the movies.  He jumped off the curb and fist pumped at the same time while yelling "BEST CANDY EVER!!"  I was laughing so hard!  I could barely calm myself to tell Jared and him mom what I had just witnessed!!

Kids!  I'm going to be so sad when my kids are all grown up!  Why can't they always stay small like this!!