Sunday, March 16, 2014

Turtle in a half shell

Those of you who know McCallum will not be surprised to see him dressed as a ninja turtle.  Here is Mac in his new favorite costume that his daddy wore as a young child.  If you know Mac you know that the blue ninja turtle is his favorite and why.  If you don't, let me catch you up to speed.  The blue Ninja Turtle is the best not because he is Leonardo, or because blue is the best color on a turtle in a half shell.  No, Leo is the best ninja turtle because his weapon of choice.  If you know your turtles and you know Mac, well, then you know what I mean.  If not... Mac likes Leo best because he always carries two swords in his back!  Its the only way to go when your job is to protect the world from bad guys! 
Also, just to share a quick laugh, Mac was having a hard time eating his lunch this past week.  He was getting really distracted by pretty much everything around him!  So, finally after asking and asking and asking Mac to go finish his food Jared finally laid down the law!  Jared said in a firm, yet kind tone "Mac, get up to the table right now and finish your food right now!"  To which Mac raised his hand to salute his dad and replied, "aye aye captain."  We laughed pretty good!  But the best part was... he ate his food!!

Friday, March 14, 2014


Wow, how the time gets away from me!  Not only am I blogging this late, but my girl is now six years old!  What happened to that baby?  Now I have a six year old who reads and goes to school!  Wow, how the time goes!!

Well, I can happily report that this girl got what she wanted.  She got to shop with her Nana and Grammy for clothes.  She got a bike, and her brother got her a bow!  Pretty good.  Plus, I was able to make the barbie cake to her liking too!  Silly girl!!  She knows what she wants and that's for sure!!

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE girl I know!