Friday, January 13, 2012


My family is always telling me that I need to write a book... so here it is. It is not yet published, but we are working on that. I had my talented and awesome sister do the illustrations. I have managed to sell a handful of them thus far. So if you are interested, let me know. They cost $10. This is a great little story that we can all apply to our lives. It's my favorite children's book I have ever read... and that's a non-bias oppinion for you too! Thanks Natalie for doing all your hard work to have it done for Christmas. Our families loved it... it was their gift this year. Hopefully This will be the start of my line of children's books. Maybe even lead into writing myself a trilogy that will make millions and be produced into a movie... Blowing Twilight out of the water! But for now... I start small.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I was thinking a lot about my little Ryan today...

She is such a big girl. Before school, she was quite shy with other kids, but she has just grown in leaps and bounds! Two weeks ago was the first sunday we were to put her into primary. She is a sunbeam now... so no more play time, treats, or fun in the nursery. I wondered how she would do. The class is small. There are only 4 sunbeams total. Three of the Four have mothers in the presidency... including Ryan... I'm in there. Any how, I know that the other two kids who have mothers in the presidency were going to struggle wanting to sit with their mom instead of with the class. They were going to find it difficult to let their mom focus on all the kids rather than just them. So naturally I started to wonder how Ryan would do? Would she insist on sitting with me? Would she feel bad when I was working with other kids, or teaching, or conducting? Well, I am happy to say that we did not have that problem. She came and sat down with her class and soaked everything in. she was sitting up strait with her hands folded neatly in her lap the entire time. She even looked at the other kids like they were odd when they tried to come sit with their moms rather than with the class. She tried her hardest to learn the songs and sing. I even got a little teary eyed looking at her! I was so proud!! Last week she even gave the scripture. She spoke into the microphone and tried her best. It was adorable!! I'm just so happy that there were no fits, and no major problems! Only two weeks have gone by though... time will tell if it was just a fluke, or if she is really that good! I think she is really that good though!