Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something to do

As many of you know, Ryan is a major Tangled fan. It's one of her favorite movies of all time. I mean, she makes me sing the magic song when I brush her hair... I don't mind though because it keeps me young. So the other day I got this fun little idea. Why not make her some long hair to look just like Rapunzel. So that's just what I did. It's been a real hit ever sense. She sat and watched the entire movie wearing it. She even wanted to sleep in it, but it's too heavy and wont stay on. Plus she has been tricking everyone we know into thinking that she's the REAL princess Rapunzel and not Ryan. Silly!

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of School

We decided to do preschool this year. It's not the pre-K class, but it's a class for three year old kids to prepare for the Pre-K class when they turn four. Ryan needed something to be her own thing and we decided rather than her learn to dance, sing, or play a sport we would develop her learning in the class room. Any how, Ryan did much better than I anticipated. I thought she might cry and freak out a little when I dropped her off, but there was none of that. Earlier that morning she sounded a little nervous, she just wanted to hear that her school was going to be a lot like her nursery class at church. Later, on our way to school she sounded nervous again. She asked me: "mom, this is going to be like my class (meaning church class) right?" I told her that it was just like it. You get to do singing time, and have a treat, and listen to a lesson, and have a play time. To this she replied: "And color a picture?" After I told her that she would get to do that, she was all on board!

When I took her into the preschool she was one of the first kids there. I gave her a hug and then turned to leave. I got a few steps down the hall when she sounded really worried. She wanted another hug and a kiss. So I gave her a hug--she hugged me as if it were her last hug she'd ever get from me. Then I told her that she was not allowed to have TOO much fun. "You listen to me Ryan, you are only allowed to have a little bit of fun. If you have too much fun I'm going to have to get you into big trouble. Understand." She of course smiled at my teasing and told me that she was going to have "This much fun." Then she held her hands as far apart as she could. Ryan let me know that she was going to have the most fun... a lot of fun. I proceeded to tease her that if she did I would have to get her into BIG trouble. The teacher, Mrs. Balls, laughed and assured Ryan that she would only have a little bit of fun, and that was only if she tried really really hard. Then I left. No more trouble after that. What a big girl. She stayed the entire time and had fun. She even got to paint a picture of an apple. She also did a show and tell of her camera and took a picture of the class. Although the picture is mostly just of the teachers face and one kid in the background.

Sweet girl, I'm so proud of you!

By the way, Ryan loved the backpack she got when she went shopping with her Nana! Thanks Lynn!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lake Blanch, Florance, and Lillian

Memorial Day was good for us, we decided to go and do a little hike--McCallum's first. Although Ryan had already scheduled a day of shopping with her Nana, we took Mac up and hiked Lake Blanch. I must say, it was a harder hike than I anticipated. It was such a hard climb the entire way up. It's only about 3 miles to the top, but in that 3 miles you gain 2700 feet elevation. Needless to say, my hips are tights today! Ryan on the other hand spent some time shopping for the perfect backpack. Tomorrow she'll be testing it out for her first day of school!! Stay tuned for a post on that one tomorrow!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lake Powell and more!

First I must say that my last post is no longer accurate. During the week Mac has learned himself how to walk! At Lake Powell he was walking all over the place. Not a main source of transportation yet, but getting there quick! That means that he walked at a year--tomorrow is his big FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

We were so luck this year... I mean how many kids can say that they get to go to Lake Powell three times in a year? We had such a good time. This trip it was just my parents and my one sister, Natalie, and her family. It was so fun, we were almost out numbered by kids this trip. Ryan was so big, she Knee Boarded, and caught a ton of lizards with me! I really had thought that she would not really want much to do with the lizards, but I was wrong. She wanted to hold all of them, name them, and let them sit on her hat and rest. I wish I would have got some pictures of her with the Lizard on her hat! I really need a water proof camera!!!

Mac had a blast at the lake too! He was so busy all the time! He finally got comfortable in his jacket--that made boating so much easier! He was intrigued when we would pull someone behind the boat! He liked swimming and would jump off the swim deck behind the boat! This kid is fearless! When it came to being on the house boat, this kid was impossible! We set up coolers so that he could not leave the front room when we needed him to stay put. However, he taught himself how to climb over the coolers fast! He also managed to climb up the ladders! He needed 150% of our attention just to keep him safe! (We would never give any less!)

Jared and I had a good time as well. Jared learned how to surf. Although he couldn't quite do it without a rope yet, he'll get it soon I'm sure! This trip I mostly surfed, but I did get to wake board too. Although I must say, I played it safe. After my brother Jeremy got hurt on his first ski run, I decided to lay off the flips! It was still a lot of fun!

I should also add a few of these pictures. I have been trying to get some good shots of McCallum for his first birthday, but it's been hit and miss. Yesterday I went out again in hopes of getting a quick photo opt with my sister Andrea--she makes the kids smile! However, Mac was tired and it was poorly planned. Here are some of my favorites though.