Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lake Powell 2016

Another fun trip to Lake Powell with the Zollinger family!  We all had a blast, only Andrea and Isaac were not able to be with us due to work.  Not sure what the highlight was for me... maybe it was surfing with Ryan or cliff jumping with both kids... or possibly watching Mac scatter bread in the water around himself while he waited with his spear for fish to come!  I really enjoyed the lake with the kids and Jared.  It was even fun with the little kids too.  Korie is only 18 months and we are buddies!  Grace was only 1 month old and I loved getting to cuddle her and love on her cute little face!  It was all so good... however, I should probably mention at the end of the trip Alex nearly was killed and Natalie ended up with 4 stitches!  Other than those little problems it was a pretty great trip!

The story is... we were bringing the house boat back into the slip and we had a ton of wind.  It didn't help that this was first time my dad had ever tried to drive this boat so it was not a good day to learn on.  As my dad was approaching the slip Alex, Jared, Jeremy, and Paul were going to jump to the dock and help guide the boat in.  Natalie, BreeAnn, and I had all the kids out on the ski boat.  We had been out swimming and boating but were now watching to see how things would shake out with the house boat.  As my dad got closer to the slip the boys jumped to the doc.  Alex didn't have far to jump, but he lost his footing and went head first into the lake.  He is lucky he put his arm up to catch himself because his head drilled his arm right at the edge of the dock!  He would probably have lost consciousness if he had not done that and might have drowned--he was not wearing a life jacket.  As Jared was trying to pull Alex out of the water the house boat was still being pushed forward and Alex was very nearly crushed by the boat.  A few feet to the side and he would have been killed for sure!  lucky for him everything worked out for the better and he escaped with a massive headache and some bruised ribs... although he is getting them X-Rayed today to see if they are broken!  We will see.

As for Natalie, she had her hand in the wrong place at the wrong time and pinned her first finger on the right hand between the ski boat's tower and the house boat's slide as we were bringing in ski boat tot park for the night.  she passed out when cleaning the finger and so we took her in to the doctor and came out with stitches.

I don't know if the Zollinger family can do Lake Powell without drama?!?  We still love it though!

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Lindsay said...

Great pictures! That's so fun to see your mom with her grandkids. Cute!